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I am a life long artist and self-taught holistic chef who has called the Big Island home since the age of 6.  I started my career as a wedding cake artist and soon broadened my repertoire to include full-scale catering services island wide.  I have been planning and executing delicious and inspiring dining experiences for groups large and small for the last 10 years.

I put my artistry into my cooking, imbuing it with a deep beauty inspired by the seasonal bounty of the Big Island.  I have a resonant connection to the seasons of the island, sourcing special ingredients native to each season. Utilizing these local, organic ingredients and the inspiration that I gain from our client to chef relationship, I create an 'āina to table dining experience that is as personalized and delicious as it is heart, soul, and body nourishing.

Tel: 808-640-9683  |  Email: shine5683@gmail.com


Private Chef

From dinner parties to cooking classes to personalized grocery shopping, I bring it all to your home for your ease. Visitor or Kama'aina, I am here to serve.


From cakes to canapés to buffets to plated, coursed meals for all of your family and friends. I make food that makes your day something to remember for a lifetime.


Inspired, healthful dining for larger groups and for extended stays. I specialize in many delicious dietary style menus that please them all.

'Āina to Table

'Āina (noun) Land;
That which feeds; The Source of Life

In 'Āina to Table dining I am providing an experience that brings us closer to the land of Hawai'i and in particular the Big Island.  When we are sensitive to the natural rhythms of a place it becomes easier to live in harmony without taxing resources or overburdening ecosystems.  The local economy and especially small farmers, ranchers, fishermen, dairies and bakeries are supported.  The benefits are not only ecological and economic but show up in the deliciousness, quality and story of the dishes that I create for you. The cycle of life thrives and we remember ways of being in balance with nature and one another.


A life changing culinary experience!


Angela Lauria, The Author Incubator

The meal was incredible, such flavor and fresh ingredients!

Tyson Ross, Free Agent Major League Pitcher

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Tel: 808-640-9683  |  Email: shine5683@gmail.com

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