I am a life long artist and self-taught holistic chef who has called the Big Island home since the age of 6.  I started my career as a wedding cake artist and soon broadened my repertoire to include full-scale catering services island wide.  I have been planning and executing delicious and inspiring dining experiences for groups large and small for the last 10 years.

I put my artistry into my cooking, imbuing it with a deep beauty inspired by the seasonal bounty of the Big Island.  I have a resonant connection to the seasons of the island, sourcing special ingredients native to each season. Utilizing these local, organic ingredients and the inspiration that I gain from our client to chef relationship, I create an 'aina to table dining experience that is as personalized and delicious as it is heart, soul, and body nourishing.

Tel: 808-640-9683  |  Email: shine5683@gmail.com


Angela Lauria, The Author Incubator

Tyson Ross, Free Agent Major League Pitcher

Tel: 808-640-9683  |  Email: shine5683@gmail.com

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Tel: 808-640-9683  |  Email: shine5683@gmail.com


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