Garden Frittata n Tropical Fruit Salad w
My secret to processing green jackfruit_


Are you planning a retreat? I have 10 years of experience helping to plan retreats as well as simply providing catering for them. If you need a traveling ctaerer I am available for that as well.

I have worked at multiple retreat centers all over the Big Island and can help you to pick the best one for you.

Do you need a dining experience in a particular dietary style or perhaps for a wide range of dietary styles? My experience and expertise includes delicious and nutritionally sound menus for diets including:

~ Auto Immune

~ Ayurvedic

~ Chakra Activating and Balancing

~ Cleansing

~ Gluten Free

~ Keto

~ Paleo

~ Raw

~ Specific Allergies

~ Vegan

~ Vegetarian


Contact me directly and we can collaborate to create a retreat that goes above and beyond the expectations of you and each of your crew!